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This is the best age to get married, according to your zodiac sign


1/13​The right age to get married…


You might have probably read what your zodiac sign says about your personality, but have you ever wondered what it has to say about the age you should get married? Interestingly, your zodiac sign can predict the ideal age to get married, and the predictions are quite interesting. Read on…

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People born under this sun sign are spontaneous and tend to rush into things without thinking much. Late twenties to early thirties, is probably the ideal time for you to take the plunge so that you don’t end up taking an impulsive decision.

You are a dedicated and romantic person, who believes in the institution of marriage. You look for a partner who can emotionally connect with you, and are in no hurry to find him or her. You will probably make the commitment whenever you find the ‘one’ and age is just a number for you.


Your ‘dual’ personality makes it difficult for you to take a decision. You love the idea of being in a relationship, but you tend to run away once its charm starts to fade. You should get hitched in your early 30s once you are quite sure about what you want.

You love the idea of marriage and having a family. You strive to make relationships last, and have no qualms in making a commitment. Your ideal age to get married starts from your early twenties.

You are quite choosy by nature and only make a commitment when you are sure about the person. You would rather stay single than make the wrong choice of settling down with an incompatible partner. You might wait for your partner till your late twenties or early thirties, but once you meet the right person, you will happily get hitched.

You look for perfection everywhere and like to strike the right balance in life. You will tie the knot only when you find your ‘perfect’ partner and are in a happy space professionally. Late twenties make a great time for you to make this commitment.

The concept of marriage fascinates you, and making a long-term commitment is not an issue with you. But this attitude might make you take the wrong turn. Hold on for some time, and look for your real soulmate. Your ideal age to tie the knot starts from late 20s.


You are a passionate lover. For you, it is all about finding the right person. Take the plunge whenever you think you have found your soulmate.

Commitment may be a controversial topic for you as you tend to get bored easily in any relationships. You look for adventure and thrill everywhere, and run away from things when their charm starts to fade away. You must take your time before making any decision, and settle down in your mid-thirties.

Unlike Sagittarians, the idea of commitment does not scare you. You are career-oriented but do not mind juggling professional and personal life. You are a loyal and dedicated partner, and early twenties is a good time for you to tie the knot.

You love your freedom and won’t trade it for anything else easily. You need to look for a partner who respects your space and have a similar viewpoint. This might take some time, but what’s the point of rushing into things? You might find your partner at any age.

You are a day dreamer and love to fantasize about having an ideal relationship. You need to look for a partner who understands your idea of a relationship but also helps you come to terms with reality. Plus, you have a high emotional quotient. You might take time to find your perfect life partner, so be patient if things do not work out early.


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