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Make These Changes In Your Love Life in 2017


You may be asking yourself who I am and why you would want to listen to me about your love and dating life.


I never intended to become a women’s dating coach. In fact, I was initially a men’s dating coach and eventually started working with women. And to be completely honest, I spent a good portion of my early life closed off and emotionally numb…

You see, when I was growing up, I came from a divorced home. From what I remember, my parents spent a lot more time fighting and getting revenge against each other than they did being in love and romantically connected.

It was so bad that, as a kid, I remember once telling a divorce psychologist that I was happy my parents broke up.

Matthew Coast “The Commitment Coach”

I basically came from a family of broken relationships. It seemed like nobody in my family could function in a romantic way with members of the opposite sex.

I spent most of my teenage years and early twenties in dysfunctional relationships. It seemed like I was constantly destroying the relationships I was in and only dating needy women. I desperately wanted to figure this area of my life out.

After years of miserable dating failures, I began to understand how to create healthier, more meaningful relationships. I learned the secrets that would allow me to take control of this area of my life.

I just want to emphasize that this wasn’t easy for me. Dating was never an area that I was naturally good at. I had to go through serious trials, mistakes, and massive relationship failures to get to where I am today.

Eventually, friends started coming to me to get advice and I became a men’s dating coach. There I discovered everything about what other men were looking for, what frustrations they had, and developed systems to help them create the types of relationships they wanted.

Even with my help though, many of my clients felt like they couldn’t find the types of women they wanted for long-term, committed relationships. And after years of only working with men, I began helping a small number of women.

I actually found out that women are much better at setting the tone for creating a long-term committed relationship with a man than a man is with a woman. She just needs the right tools to do it.

Here’s the thing… Men and women are different in many ways. However…

The most fundamental needs that both men and women have are the same… we all want to feel loved, desired, and appreciated. We all want someone who understands us and supports us in who we are and what we want in our lives.

Now you may be wondering…

Why Do So Many People Have Problems Connecting?

You see, the problem is that American culture is designed around celebrating the mask that prevents men and women from really connecting with one another.

We’re taught to be pretenders… pretending like life is perfect… pretending like we have it all figured out… pretending like we’re happy when we’re really miserable.

This prevents us from being authentic and learning to love ourselves and the people around us.

Dating advice Tabloids give us advice that actually makes it more difficult for us to understand each other. These “advice” columns aren’t designed to help you. They’re designed to sell subscriptions.

Loneliness as a Way of Life

Its the same with television and movies. Most people don’t experience loving relationships because we’re never taught how to create them. The advice that’s popular for teens and young adults is typically the worst.

As a result, most people are stuck with settling for mediocre relationships and severe loneliness. Studies have shown that over 10% of the population feels like they are constantly lonely.

The Modern Health Foundation suggests that loneliness is increasing and that most people are too embarrassed to discuss it… leading to mental health problems like depression, stress, and even suicide.

Here’s the Good News

We don’t have to be victims to the media and our society. We can relearn how we connect with one other so that our relationships are based on love, growth, and acceptance.

We can experience love as an extension of oneself and use it as a building block for creating the type of life that we desire and deserve. We can become the source for how we want our lives to look.

We don’t have to stay stuck in frustration, resentment and sadness. Loneliness doesn’t have to be the staple of how our society functions.

I believe that there’s a better way for men and women relate to one another. Relationships that are built on trust, love, and authenticity are far more fulfilling and longer lasting than superficial ones.

Sunshine and flower

Just because the media glamourizes broken relationships doesn’t mean that we have to fall into the trap of having them. Instead, you can have a relationship which makes you feel alive and gives you a greater sense of purpose and companionship.

When you join our community, you have an opportunity to not only attract relationships that empower you, you have the chance to be a part of the movement towards shifting the way men and women relate to one another globally.

I’m going to help you learn, understand and use the principles that will allow you to create a deep, connected, loving romance with the quality man in your life.

And if you don’t have a quality man in your life, I’ll help you find one.


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