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How To Make An Extra $50 Per Day Without A Job


Today I want to share with you some quick ways to make extra side money.


These side jobs will help you earn an extra $50 per day or more. I like them because they are a great addition to your existing job or if you don’t have a job currently, you can also use these ideas to make money while you find employment.

They’re pretty great!

Here they are:

5 Ways To Make $50 Every Day (Without Finding a Traditional Job)

1. Fill Out Surveys

Surveys are my favorite way to make money online. They work well because you are paid for the surveys you complete and you will know how much money you are making before filling out each survey (each survey will tell you the payout).

All you need to do is join a few reliable survey websites and begin filling out various surveys for them. Surveys can take 5 mins to 20 mins typically, however, there are longer surveys available as well and they typically pay more. Surveys can pay a few dollars to over ten dollars per completed survey.

Here are a few reliable survey companies to sign up for:


Survey Junkie

Make Survey Money

If you are looking to make as much extra money as you can, then feel free to sign up for all three survey websites. The more survey websites you are a part of the more available surveys you will have to complete.

2. Refinance your loans

If you are paying for a mortgage, car loan, or have student loans payments, you can qualify for what’s called a “refinance.” This means you can replace your existing loan with a new loan with a lower interest rate. This can save you thousands of dollars. It can also lower your monthly payments, leaving you with extra cash to spend elsewhere.

To learn more about each, click below:

Refinance your mortgage

Refinance your car 

Refinance your student debt

3. Become A Field Agent

There’s this app called field agent that lets you find work in your area from real people in your area. Tasks range a lot, from simple things like verifying the price for an item in a store to large scale work like building a fence.

The amount of work available depends on how many people are sending out jobs but you should be able to find jobs that will suit your needs, since there are simple tasks that anyone can do.

These jobs pay a few dollars to perhaps 10 dollars or so typically but the range for prices of jobs will very incredibly because of the various tasks.

Basically, you log into the app and find jobs in your area that are close to you (or you can find jobs further away it’s your call) and then you request to perform the job. Once you are accepted then you go do the job and once it’s completed and verified the job payment will be transferred to you. It’s pretty neat. The website is here (works for android and apple).

4. Work As A Freelancer

Online freelance work is one of the most popular ways every day people are making side income. In fact, a lot of people are making full time incomes doing work online for others.

A freelancer is someone who does piece work for someone else or a company.

How it works is basically a company puts out tasks that needs to be completed. These are tasks that anyone can do with a computer so they don’t need an office or in person staff to do these jobs. Keeps costs lower. People online who are looking for work and have the particular skill to perform the job will find these jobs and apply to do them.

So your ability to get jobs will depend on your skill level and how much money you are willing to take for each job. Jobs will pay you a lot of money or a little depending on the task and how skilled you are.

You could for example write article or proof read material, or edit documents or perform data entry. A few websites where you can find these types of jobs and all other types of offerings are guru.com and freelancer.com.

Need extra income? Here's how to make an extra 50 dollars every day, and you don't even need a job!


5. Make Money With Fiverr

Fiverr is a website where people pay $5 for a random job to be done. I love this website because they have the most random things you can pay for. They also have useful things too.

For example, you can find someone to sing happy birthday in a British accent to your friend. Or you can pay $5 for someone to create a logo for your website. Or you can get someone to write you a poem for $5.

So you, on the other end of this, is the person who will be providing the skill. Basically, if you have any skill at all, you can offer it on Fiverr. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a useful skill as you can see, it just needs to be something someone is willing to pay for, quirky or not. You can check out Fiverr.com to learn more.

6. Become An Uber Driver

Perhaps this might fall into the realm of a “typical job”, but I don’t really think so in my opinion because to me Uber driving is something you can do on the side and you set your own hours for this type of work.

If you haven’t heard of Uber, it’s basically a taxi service. You have your phone and your car and you sign up for Uber. Once approved, you can begin driving people around for money. I’ve taken Uber several times and I always enjoy talking to my driver. They are just every day people like you and me looking to make more money.

They are students or immigrants or recently laid off and need more money type of people. And they make a lot of money too. You can make several hundred dollars per day just Ubering. Especially when you decide to work when it’s busy, like later in the night when people are leaving the bars or when people are going to the bars for example (Uber hikes up rates when it’s busy so you make more money). Check out Uber.com to learn about becoming an Uber driver.


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