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52 Inexpensive Date Ideas


My husband and I went on a spontaneous lunch date this week. Our oldest daughter was at school and our youngest daughter was running errands with Grandma.


With a couple hours of free time (and rumbling tummies) we popped in to our local Subway to try out the Italian Hero, because it’s here for a limited time only!

I’m not exaggerating when I say that this sandwich is SO good!! Subway has teamed up with Food Network’s Jeff Mauro to “Build it Better” and I’d say this one is a win!

You'll never run out of things to do with this list of creative and inexpensive date ideas! There's one for every day of the year! Build your marriage without breaking the bank --

The Italian Hero is layered with three different cold cuts: Capicola (smoked, slow-roasted cured pork), Mortadella (seasoned and cured with traditional Italian spices, garlic & cracked pepper), and Genoa Salami (dry cured in the old world style with a hint of garlic and wine). This is definitely a meaty sandwich!

Next, the Italian Hero is topped with provolone cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, onions, and pickles. It’s finished with oil & vinegar and a sprinkle of Mediterranean oregano for the perfect mix of authentic Italian flavors.

Is your mouth watering yet??

My husband had such a good time — just hanging out, sharing a sandwich, and catching up (it’s amazing how we sometimes forget to actually talk throughout our busy days).

You'll never run out of things to do with this list of creative and inexpensive date ideas! There's one for every day of the year! Build your marriage without breaking the bank --

A simple, inexpensive lunch date — but it was one of the best dates we’ve had in a while!

It got me thinking, why not put together a list full of simple, inexpensive date ideas? There’s 52 activities here (one for every week of the year!) ranging from relaxing to silly to calorie-burning.

So grab your honey and have some fun (without breaking the bank!)

52 Inexpensive Date Ideas

There’s one for every week of the year! See full list below image.

Build your marriage without breaking the bank -- You'll never run out of things to do with this list of creative and inexpensive date ideas! There's one for every day of the year!
  1. Share a footlong Italian Hero sandwich at Subway (seriously ya’ll — this is one awesome sandwich!)
  2. Go kite flying (Make your own kite with this DIY kite tutorial)
  3. Take a drive — Pop in some tunes and hit the road with your sweetie!
  4. Go for an evening stroll — There’s just something so romantic about holding hands and walking together as the sun sets!
  5. Take a hike — Hit the hills and get some awesome exercise.
  6. Enjoy a bicycle ride.
  7. Go roller skating — Our town has a local rink a couple blocks from our house and it’s hours of fun for only a few bucks each!
  8. Go fishing — Or pick up some inexpensive fish food and feed the fish instead!
  9. Practice yoga — There are tons of free videos online!
  10. Picnic — Remember that Italian Hero I was talking about? It’s perfect picnic food too!
  11. Visit a farmer’s market — Grab some fresh produce or just take in the sights.
  12. Brewery tour — Whether or not you choose to imbibe, it’s fun to see how things are made! Most tours are cheap or even free.
  13. Volunteer — Dedicate your date to a good cause!
  14. Find a free movie night — Shopping malls, local parks, museums, and more all offer movie nights and other fun events on the regular.
  15. Head to the“drive-in” movies without leaving your driveway — If you don’t own a projector, try this clever trick to turn your phone into one!
  16. Do your own carpool karaoke — Drive around and take turns picking songs for the other to sing. Optional: the passenger films the driver while they sing so you can watch and giggle together later.
  17. Find a free craft class at your local crafting store.
  18. Hold a cooking contest using the most random ingredients you can find in the fridge.
  19. Get out your favorite childhood board game and have a friendly competition.
  20. Celebrate one of these 105 unique holidays.
  21. Go stargazing — Enjoy a meteor shower if it’s the season, or try to find constellations.
  22. Play extreme frisbee — Some of my favorite dates are the ones where you burn calories together!
  23. Play on a playground — I’ll admit I still love to swing sometimes!
  24. Take in a free concert at a local gallery or coffee shop.
  25. Go garage sale hopping — Pick a weekend morning, plan a route, and start bargain hunting! Bonus points for the most off-the-wall find!
  26. Visit a flea market — These are never-ending sources of interesting sights!
  27. Trade massages — Make it even more special by setting up a room in the house like a spa with candles and relaxing music.
  28. Learn a language — This is a date you can do over and over again!
  29. Re-decorate (or re-arrange) a room in your house.
  30. Paint each other’s portraits — Round up whatever art supplies you have on hand, whether it’s the kids’ markers or ballpoint pens and draw portraits of each other at the same time.
  31. Sleep under the stars — If the weather’s nice, hit the backyard and pitch a tent!
  32. Play truth or dare — This can be as innocent or as “grown-up” as you like!
  33. Break out the photo albums — It sounds corny, but flipping through your wedding album or old kids photos is guaranteed to make you smile!
  34. Play birdwatching bingo — Look up some of the local bird species in your area and make bingo cards for each of you. First one to fill a line on their card wins!
  35. Learn about your town’s history — Visit the historical district in your city and you’re sure to make some interesting finds!
  36. Go thrifting — Hit a local thrift store and see who can find the funniest T-shirt hiding in the racks!
  37. Watch the sunset — It’s probably the most romantic activity in the world.
  38. Grow something — Plant a garden, either in your backyard or indoors (like a potted herbs for the kitchen).
  39. Re-watch an entire season of your favorite TV show.
  40. Watch planes take off at the airport.
  41. Visit the library — Check out a new book or learn something new at a free class (you’d be surprised what libraries have to offer!)
  42. Find a local festival — Our city has literally hundreds of festivals every year, many of them free. Yours likely has more than you’d think too!
  43. Challenge each other in a crossword contest — First to solve their puzzle gets bragging rights!
  44. Spend an evening in front of the fire — Get the fireplace roaring or build a bonfire in the backyard (safely of course!)
  45. Go fruit picking — Find a list of local farms that let you come pick produce here.
  46. Spend the day photographing interesting sights around your city.
  47. Scavenger hunt — Take turns creating one for each other and picking an exciting prize to put at the end of it.
  48. Play a photo guessing game — Take turns shooting extreme close-up shots of items around the house and guessing what they are.
  49. Watch the sun rise — Set your alarms (or stay up late…) and take in nature’s beauty.
  50. Have a video game showdown — Dust off your old consoles and bring out the classics!
  51. Learn a new card game — and then play!
  52. Play 20 questions — Grow even closer and find out things your never knew about your partner!

Try the Italian Hero Sandwich for a limited time

Head into Subway for the Italian Hero sandwich and start checking date ideas off the list! Hurry — the Italian Hero is back for a limited time only!

CLICK HERE to check out a video from Food Network’s Jeff Mauro and see exactly how Subway is building it better.

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Subway. The opinions and text are all mine.


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