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3 Most Common Reasons Why Women Cheat


Really, why do women cheat? Women have long since ceased to believe in fairy tales about the prince on a white horse.


They know what they want, even if they do not recognize it. Married women want a man who is sexually “crazy”, to feel desirable again.

In addition to that, here are 3 reasons why women often cheat on their husbands:

1. Fatal attraction

Women miss the feeling of attractiveness. Allusions to sex are the best way, and the man who can awaken her fantasy, will cause a real “storm” in her. This is the most common reason why women cheat.

Women do not fall for vulgarity and perversion, but to inspirational men. If someone encourages her to think of him as someone with whom she would have sex with, then the chances of a woman deciding to be unfaithful are really high.

3 Most Common Reasons Why Women Cheat

2. When a man makes her feel good

Most married women do not feel attractive because the only man in their life has long since stopped giving them compliments.

Especially if she gave birth, because after delivery, women become very self-critical, when their appearance is in question.

That’s why they allow someone new to appear in their lives, who will charm them every day.

3. Discreteness

“The third man” in marriage does not lose anything, but she risks everything. If a husband offers her a serious relationship, then she will not engage in an affair with him.

Infidelity has its own rules, and the thought of hot orgasms with someone is enough to plunge into a forbidden relationship.


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