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10 Indicators of a Serious Relationship


The desire for most people in life is to be loved and to be able to offer love to a significant person who unconditional accepts them for who they are. When you are blessed to find yourself in a dating relationship where these signs are beginning to evidence themselves, you want to be sure you are picking up the right signals.


Alternatively you may feel that you are ready to commit and are ready to move into marriage. But before you run away with these feelings you need to ascertain if the feelings are mutual and the relationship is really going somewhere. The question is how do you truly know whether the person you are with is as ready to settle down as you.

Here are some of the points that can help to provide you with some indicators on how committed you and your partner are in taking your relationship to the next level.

1. You begin to be less “I” focused and more “we” focused

2. Your life begins to center on him or her. You cannot for one second imagine them not being part of your life. Indeed they are the number one person in your life.

3. You spend time reflecting on what ways you can make you partner happy rather than thinking about yourself

4. You imagine you and your partner aging together, spending quality time together and have romantic beach walks

5. You envision how much fun you will have being parents and grandparents.

6. You begin to view money differently. Your focus changes for being on short term financial activities to longer term financial activities.

7. You begin to reduce time with your friends in favor of wanting to spending time with him or her.

8. Singleness is something that now bores you and your focus becomes more on settling down.

9. You start to feel the importance of your families meeting and getting along.

10. Your discussions seemed to be more goals and future driven.

Now none of the points are guarantee that marriage is on the card but they do at least help you to get some tips that the person is interested in taking your relationship to the next level.


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